Railway Yard Master


Do you have it in you to be Railway Yard Master?

Railway Yard Master is most intense simulation game available only on App Store.

You are a station master on mission. As capable train master you will have to manage multiple trains and make sure that trains do not collide each other. All this without missing timetable.

This is not an easy job!

You will use only the control board which is available for the station master to manage most of the things. On the control board the trains are seen as red Blocks on rail.

In real world, the trains move faster but on the control panel, Trains are slow. But do you have it in you to be –

Railway Yard Master

As a responsible Railway Yard Master you will:

* Pickup Calls (Blue Phone- Incoming Train, Red Phone – Remove Snow or Maintain Track) *
* Manage Trains according to Time Table – Click on Train Tags to Stop/Allow Train *
* Park the Train on correct Platform *
* Send the Parked Trains according to Time Table *
* Allow Xpress trains to pass through *
* Manage Railway Crossing Road Traffic *
* Remove Snow from Tracks *
* Maintain and Repair Tracks *
* Keep an Eye on the Cam and Time Table *

*Game Highlights*

— 12 Free Ukraine levels —
— Each level gets harder —
— 5 Different Trains : Passenger(P), Xpress(X), Freight(F), Snow(S), Engineering(E) —
— Smart Train Controls —
— Slow,Normal & 2X Game speeds —
— “How to pass the Level” in options —
— Smart and clean design —
— 2 ways to control a train  —
— UK and US levels for Advanced Players —

Please email to email2vm@jacktheminer.com if you are interested to translate the game in your local language (800 words max). We will list your name in the credits section.










Built with support
Built with support & love from BUGOFF,Ukraine

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